Grant (Cont)
program in western Massachusetts to receive funding this year.
The 1.39 dollar award is also the largest grant.
   The Co-Ops, as they are known around BCARC, are currently home to 12 individuals who are able to live independently in their community while still having access to twenty-four-hour support from the program's staff. The buildings to be
reconstructed are in Pittsfield at the corner of First Street and Maplewood Avenue.
   In announcing the grant Congressman Olver commented, "Berkshire County Arc has a long and successful history  in our community for running strong and productive programs. This project is vital to the community in supporting the residents as an integral part of our society."
   The aging structures now housing the Co-operative Apartments date from the 1800's and are becoming less and less suitable for the people living there. The twelve residents are now in their 40's to 60's, and some have physical limitations. Since neither of the buildings is handicapped  accessible, the apartments are in serious need of upgrading. More than seventy community leaders, recognizing the value of this project in Pittsfield's revitalization goals, submitted letters in support of the project.
   Berkshire County Arc's residential program began in 1971 and now has thirty sites including community residences, staffed apartments, apartments with twenty-four-hour staff ac

cess, independent apartments and shared living situations.
   The Co-Op Apartments are key to the continuum towards individual independence. The downtown location of the Co-

Ops has been critical to community integration efforts. The Co-Ops will be rebuilt in cooperation with the city of Pittsfield so the project will blend in well with its community.

BCARC's Traumatic Brain Injury Program to Open Third Residence

Remodeling of the new Traumatic Brain Injury house on Swamp Road is underway.   

Hills and Bartlett's Orchard, has been purchased by Berkshire County Arc, and is currently being remodeled to meet the needs of the men who will be part of the program.

Just a small section of the largest of the house's four bedrooms.

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