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      Zip n' Sort operates out of
 sparkling new headquarters at
440 Merrill Road.  When asked
to compare the business's new
quarters to the old building, staff
member Karen O'Connell en-
thused "that there really is no 
comparison.  It's like night and
   Individuals employed at Zip n'
Sort all had the same reaction.
Lisa Sano "loves the new place"
while Tim Baran says "It's a bet-
ter place to work with all my
friends."  However, everyone at
Zip n' Sort realizes that because
they're out competing in the real
world, they have to work harder.
   Any visitor will see there's a
real seriousness of purpose in the
room.  "There's no time for talk-
ing or fooling around,"  Mark
Sartori remarked as he and Sean
Stringer hustled to package large
pads three to a box.
   Production manager Ken

Mark Sartori works hard to fill
an order on time.
Margison agrees. "When there
are three trucks out back to be
loaded and sent on their way, you
can't get behind, because tomor-
row you'll just be farther in the
   But everyone working at Zip n'
Sort realizes the rewards are
greater too.  "I like the new place,"
Tina Spoor concluded, "but I like 
my big paycheck a lot too."
Shawn Stringer

Tina Spoor

The folks at Senior Activities entertained many family, friends and staff at a Valentine luncheon at
West street in Lenox.  Ron Hutchings (1) enjoyed the special day, while Ann Kirchner and Roy Heno
take in the scene.

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