individual spotlight on...
  Tiffany Austin

   Tiffany Austin, a resident 
of 814 North Street, who re-
cently both received a special
award for her quick thinking
and was appointed by the
mayor to a permanent position
on the Pittsfield Handicapped
Advisory Committee, is the
first person inBerkshire
County Arc's "individual
spotlight." (individual Spot-
light will become a regular
feautre in each subsequent
edition of VISIONS.)
   Tiffany was the only indi-
vidual at home when the staff
member at home with her fell,
injuring her ankle severely.
The staff person was able to
contact BCARC nurse Kathy
Godfrey, but she was unable
to move or follow Kathy's
instructions, so she handed
the phone to Tiffany.
   According to Kathy, Tif-
fany first calmed and reas-
sured the staff person, and
then followed her instructions
to the letter.  "She was so
calm and cool."  Kathy said.
"She did exactly as I told her.
She handled a difficult situa-
tion perfectly."
   Tiffany went to the freezer
for ice, wrapped it in a towel
and applied it to the staff 

Tiffany Austin received a special award from
BCARC's Executive Director Ken Singer for
her quick thinking in a tricky situation.
person's injured leg.  She
then elevated the leg, all 
the while talking calmly 
and reassuringly to the in-
jured person.  "Tiffany def-            
initely did all the correct 
things until help arrived,"
Kathy continued.
   For her part, Tiffany ad-
mitted to being a little ner-
vous at first, but felt quite 
confident once she heard 
Kathy's instructions
   "Once I heard what I had
to do, I just went ahead and 
did it," Tiffany modestly re-
ported.  "It took a while
help to arrive," she continued, 
"so I offered my staff my walker
and my cane to see if
she could use them.  I was the 
only one here to help, so I
   "Now I'm ready for any-
thing,"  Tiffany concluded, 
adding that she'd had some
first aid in school and had also
taken CPR classes.
   With her ability to think
quickly, it's no wonder Tif-
fany was also recognized by 
being named a permanent
member of the City of

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