Tiffany (seated) and many of her friends from the Berkshire Advo-
cates, gathered at St. Stephen's Church to celebrate her appoint-
ment to the Pittsfield Handicapped Advisory Committee.
Pittsfield's Handicapped Advisory Committee. She had been attending mettings as a guest before her official appointment at a City Council meeting on 
February 9.  Fifteen of Tiffany's friends from the Berkshire Advocates went to the meeting with her to support her 
 and cheer for her
   Of her plans for her committee work Tiffany said, "I want to talk
to people about the sidewalks in Pittsfield, how to make them safer
with more handicapped access ramps.  I also think there needs to be more than just a couple of handicapped parking places 
Tiffany with the cake presented to her by her 
Berkshire Advocate friends.
"I think having the crosswalks 
safer for all pedestrians is impor-
tant too, especially since one of my
staff and I were almost hit by a car 
the other day."
   When she's not busy helping other 
people out, Tiffany works a full schedule
at Sampco.
    She also enjoys weekend outings with
her Citizen Advocate, Martha Brown.  
"We shop and go to the movies together.  Sometimes I go to her house, or we go out 
to lunch or dinner."
    Around her home, Tiffany said she 
enjoys cleaning the house and
watching TV, particularly "The Fresh Prince
of Bel Aire," "Berverly Hills 90210," and "Wheel of Fortune."  Tiffany claims to be 
able to figure out most of the puzzles before
the contestants on the show do.
   With typing as another activity that she 
enjoys and does well, Tiffany is a big help 
at the Berkshire Family Toy Library where
she volunteers on Thursday game nights.
   Tiffany concluded, "I'm very outgoing, especially when it comes to helping other people.  I know that if I do this, people 
will be there for me when I need help too."
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