Ladies Thoroughly Enjoy Their
           Trip To 

Eight BCARC individuals, 
residents of Elm Street,
Daniels Avenue, and Stoddard 
Avenue, vacationed for four 
days in Pennsylvania Dutch 
Country.  Karen Kennedy, 
Debbie and Joan Copeland, 
Heidi Curtis, Marilyn En-
gland, Madeline Bialor, Ann
 Belcher, and Tina Bruzzi 
made the trek by van from 
    All thoroughly enjoyed the
trip, but Deb Copeland said
“It was a long ride, and I was
just happy to get there.”
 They were escorted by three 
guides from Sprout Tours,
Jennifer, Kate and the “funny,
handsome and talkative” 
York, who seemed to be 
everyone’s favorite driver.
     On their trip, the ladies
visited Amish Country and the
Hershey Chocolate Factory 
and theme park, and saw a 
Christmas show.
     Though all members of the
group are experienced travel-
ers, they all mentioned how 
much they liked their accom-
modations, especially the tele-
visions and comfortable beds. 
    “I slept on a foldaway bed,” 


Happy with their memories of their trip, Tina Bruzzi
models her Amish hat and cup, and Joan Copeland
shows off her hat and coffee mug, all bought on
their journey to Pennsylvania.


Karen Kennedy said. “I hadn’t done that before.  It was real  comfortable.” 
     Everyone enjoyed their visit to the Amish Community.  Marilyn England liked the men with their big hats and beards and the women with their long dresses.  “I wouldn’t want to dress like that though,” she added.
      Everyone enjoyed taking a ride in the Amish horse-drawn buggies, but Debbie Copeland’s “glad she doesn’t have to ride in them all the time.”
     The tour of the Hershey Chocolate Factory proved to be a highlight for just about 
everyone.  Madeline Bialor  and Ann Belcher liked the visit there because of the free candy bars they received.  “The place even smelled delicious,” Madeline said.
     All the travellers enjoyed eating out every night.  Tina Bruzzi got to have all the cheeseburgers she wanted, while Joan Copeland enjoyed having dinner in a restaurant that looked like a railroad car.  Heidi Curtis summed it all up saying she loved it all, “especially because no staff was around.”
     Many of the ladies are planning another trip this spring.  Bon voyage!

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