Community Access and Training...
on the move

    Community Access and 
Training Services is now serv-
ing six individuals who had 
previously not been fully sat-
isfied with their existing day 
services.  Community Access
and Training is providing them
all with new challenges which
they have taken to enthusias-
     Newly appointed Program Director Lora Talbot has
been hard at work reviewing
and revising the activities de-
signed to enrich the lives of individuals served by Berkshire County Arc.
     According to Lora, Com-
munity Access and Training’s
ideal is eventual job integra-
tion through developing  com-
munity connections for each individual.  To that end Lora 
and her staff are bringing in-
dividuals into the community to volunteer and to enjoy activities
that will  connect them with other members of their community.
     Martin Weinberg picks up mail at the main office and delivers it to various day programs.  He has also become active in the Jewish Federation where he has made many new friends.



Shingo Yahi keeps busy volunteering at the Toy Library


  Shingo Yagi volunteers 
at the Berkshire Family Toy Library, and he and David Johnson enjoys going to the YMCA pool to open lap swim.
   Lora’s very excited about 

David Johnson enjoys the pool.

the future of Community Access and Training.  “We have lots of exciting plans for the individuals, and we hope to get more and more people involved with time.

Martin Weinberg and Amy Ahern


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