Berkshire County Arcís Culture

Berkshire County Arc is dedicated to creating an environment
which embraces the following characteristics:

    Through a genuine concern, sensitivity and understanding of individual needs, Berkshire County Arc is committed to supporting individuals in achieving their desired dreams and aspirations.

    Dignity and Respect
    Individual independence is highly recognized by Berkshire County Arc. All individuals are valued contributors to their community whose privacy is honored and possessions are protected. Berkshire County Arc builds an individualís self-confidence by respecting each personís opinions and input, and by promoting opportunities for the individual to learn from success or failure.

    Bringing together people of varied experiences, backgrounds and disabilities is valued by Berkshire County Arc. Diversity of individuals, families and staff enriches and promotes acceptance.

    Organizational Performance
    An environment with a secure financial base for the individuals served and those that support them is a priority of Berkshire County Arc. The Agency rewards directness, honesty, openness, efficiency, timeliness, excellence, continuity of actions and mutual respect. Berkshire County Arc regularly reviews its operating practices. The agency recognizes the benefits of team building to remove boundaries to innovative and creative thinking, and encouraging new areas of development.

    Personal success is strengthened when an individual is the true architect and co-planner of his/her future. Berkshire County Arc recognizes and values the input of parents and family members; because they have the basic relationship, natural advocacy and years of experience as specialized teachers. Teamwork among all partners including other service agencies, advocates and community resources, is vital to ensuring the best services for each individual.

    Personal Choice
    Individuals with developmental disabilities will be provided the opportunity to assume control of all aspects of their lives, including establishing personal goals, having input about where they will live and work, and choosing who will be their friends. They will also choose how and when they will use their free time and determine which Berkshire County Arc services they may wish to access.

    Support systems embody Berkshire County Arcís quest for excellence and integrity. Every aspect of service must reflect exemplary values and customized planning. The agency actively seeks family involvement and encourages full community inclusion for each individual.

    Changing conditions in each individualís life are noted and responded to in a timely manner. Berkshire County Arc views the well considered response to change, as an opportunity to enhance both the individualís life and the agencyís ability to manage change effectively.

    Environments for all individuals should be safe and free from injury, abuse, neglect and financial instability. Berkshire County Arc creates environments that support good health and the best possible quality of life.